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Mike Ozzy Foucault




Production Electrician, Lighting Director, LX Crew Chief, April 2017-present


Freelance Clients:


Alford Media 

Christie Lites



Fuse Technical Group

KWA Productions




-Various noteworthy projects:


-Dell World, Las Vegas NV

-Toyota Fest, Plano TX

-Art Basel, Miami FL

-Twitchcon, Long Beach CA

-Blink 182/Little Wayne Summer 2019 Tour, North   America

-Samcom, Dallas/ Houston TX

-RSA, San Francisco CA

-PAX West, Seattle WA

-Coors Miller, Houston TX

-Megadeth/Lamb Of God Metal Tour of the Year   2021

-Google Fest 2021, Montainview CA

-Dallas Stars Boots and Blades Gala 2021, Dallas   TX

-Kacey Musgrave 2022 Tour

-Whataburger 2022, Houston TX

-Snowflake 2022, Las Vegas NV

-Chilli's MGR GS, Grapevine TX

-Seven Peaks Festival, CO

-US DOS Democracy Summit 2023, Washington DC

-SWA Rally 2023, Dallas

-USCAP 2023, New Orleans LA

-Coindesk Consensus 2023, Austin TX

-OBEXP, St Louis MO

-SAP Sapphire 2023, Orlando FL



Show Manager | Christie Lites | sept 2012-March 2017

·      Responsible for every aspect of a lighting show’s logistics: gear availability, piece together working show systems, sub rentals, show transportation, liaison between show crew/client and company.

·      Noteworthy corporate projects, festivals, sporting events and tours for such clients as: Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Ford, ACL, Lollapalooza, NHL, NFL, Bellator, UFC, KISS, Motley Crue, Linkin Park, Bassnectar, FFDP, Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Operations Manager | Christie Lites Dallas | Sept 2007-Aug 2012

. Responsible for daily activity at 40,000 sq. ft. stage lighting warehouse: Staffing, scheduling, show confirmation, gear availability and logistics.

Freelance Production LX | Various Canada| Sept 1996-Aug 2007

·      Axial Lighting & Productions, Ottawa, ON

·      Professional Sound And Lighting, Ottawa, ON

·      Wall Sound and Lighting, Ottawa, ON

·      Specs Audio, Gatineau QC

·      New Height Productions, Head of Lighting dept Corel Center, Ottawa Canada

·      Theatre du Casino, LD/ME/Programmer, Gatineau QC

·      NCC, Lighting Designer, Ottawa, ON

·      IATSE 471, Ottawa, ON

·      Christie Lites, Ottawa, ON and Dallas TX

·      J&S AV, Irving TX




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